Reasons to shop with us

As the official cable supplier to Austin City Limits, we understand what it takes to create professional, hand-made instrument cables.

HookedUpCables has a single company goal. We want to offer the absolute best possible video and audio cables to professional musicians and AV experts. In a market that is flooded with low quality connectors and cables that are wrapped in marketing hype and posing as high quality ones, we offer you a higher standard.

How do we fulfill our goal?

A finished cable is, in reality, a “system” used to transfer signals between components. In this system, cable characteristics should be carefully matched to connector characteristics and the signal “handoff” between cable and connector should be as nearly flawless as is humanly possible. The cable and components thus matched, must share another very important property. They must be extremely reliable and they must remain reliable under demanding use and in demanding environments- for years.

We use only the highest quality cable and components available. Years of experience and the hand manufacture of, literally, millions of cables (see “About Us”) have given us a pretty good idea of what it takes to make a high quality, reliable cable. Currently, we use only Belden, Canare and Mogami cable. Experience tells us that those are the best. We use only Amp and Neutrik connectors. Again, in our experience, the absolute best available. In most cases, the connectors we choose are machined individually- not stamped out of a sheet.

The final step in the preparation of our cables involves the marriage of connector with cable. We carefully prepare the cable ends and hand solder or hand crimp the conductors to the cable. We follow military specification guidelines. We check and test the strain relief. We test the cable before it leaves. We guarantee what we deliver.